Glass + Metal Craft (G+MC’s), a Michigan-based glass fabricator, announced it is now offering Diamon-Fusion® protective coating as a standard feature on all of its shower enclosures via the FuseCube™ Express automated glass coating machine. The company will offer the machine-applied coating to both sides of its shower doors and full line of architectural glass systems, including entrances, guardrails, canopies, insulating glass, structural walls, and more. The addition of Diamon-Fusion via the FuseCube Express on architectural products means the glass is consistently treated every time, offers an easy-to-clean benefit and is protected against hard water stains, according to the company.

In addition, by using the FuseCube Express, G+MC benefits from the machine’s proprietary chemical vapor deposition process, which fuses Diamon-Fusion onto both sides of the glass. The chemical bond created during the application is ultra-thin and highly durable, allowing for a lifetime warranty on residential surfaces and a 15-year warranty on commercial surfaces, according to the company.

“G+MC takes great pride in innovative product offerings and this new announcement with DFI helps differentiate our glass even more,” says Andrew Russo, vice president, G+MC. “By offering the Diamon-Fusion coating as a standard feature on every shower door, we greatly increase the product investment for all our valued customers.”