Glass + Mirror Craft has reorganized and expanded operations. It is now the parent company of three divisions operating within the same facility in Wixom, Mich.

The Glass + Mirror Craft division will continue to fabricate and provide glass and insulating glass products. The Cuda metals division will provide custom and prefabricated metal hardware used with or without glass. The new Fulcrum architectural design assist division will provide project-based and on-demand design, engineering and drafting services.

“We will continue to provide the high-quality engineered glass and insulating glass products that have built our reputation in the industry,” says Andy Russo, vice president of business development. “However, we have realigned operations to better engineer, fabricate and deliver both the glass and hardware required for modern-day architectural systems—the glass entrances, vestibules, canopies, structural walls, guardrails, offices and more— that are often the signature elements of a building design.

“Our new Fulcrum division provides design-assist services for our engineered glass and metal systems, easing delivery of turn-key projects, complete with stamped drawings and kitted to flow installation,” adds Russo. “… The strengths we are adding through this reorganization will allow us to better serve glaziers in today’s complex construction arena.”