The board up happened after the accident and the glass will be replaced next week.

When a man drove his car through a mall in the Chicago suburbs on September 20, of Illinois was one of the companies called to start the replacement process. A man crashed his black sport utility vehicle through the Sears’ glass and steel entrance, shattering glass, according to news reports. The man has since been charged with terrorism.

“We got a call from the Hollister store as they had three pieces of ½-inch tempered glass that was damaged,” said Patrick Hill, president of of Illinois. “We came in that Friday night to board it up but the police told us to come back in the morning which we did, and we removed one piece of glass.”

“I have three pieces of glass on order [about 40 inches wide by 110 inches tall] for the Hollister store, and will likely be going back next week to do the job.” he added. “Two of the pieces broke and one was chipped, which could be dangerous so we pulled that piece out.”


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