Job search website Glassdoor named Saint-Gobain one of the “Best Employers in France,” according to a release from the company.

The competition for “best employer” relies exclusively on opinions posted online by internet users regarding the company. When an employee shares his opinion about a company, he/she is asked to rate professional satisfaction by taking into account factors such as career opportunities, salary, corporate culture, work environment and balance between personal and professional life.

“This distinction is important for our employer brand because it reflects the experience of employees,” says Claire Pedini, senior vice president of human resources at Saint-Gobain.

“My colleagues are the best ambassadors of the Saint-Gobain brand,” she says. “They demonstrate on their own initiative the strength of our corporate culture, our values, and the attractiveness of our human resources policy. Professional mobility, team diversity, commitment and talent development are a daily occurrence at Saint-Gobain.”