Finland-based Glaston Corp. announced it has closed a deal for two of its FC500 lines with European Glass Group.

One of the furnaces is the biggest FC500 sold, according to the release, measuring approximately 130 inches by 331 inches. The order is booked in Glaston’s fourth quarter of 2014, and the delivery will be made during the second and third quarter in 2015.

European Glass Group specializes in the manufacturing of structural insulated glass units, and provides service and support for large architectural glass and volume production. Its main markets are in the UK, Europe and Middle East.

“European Glass has always sought to lead the way in the UK glass industry and we continue to invest in cutting edge technology to keep us in the forefront of glass manufacture,” says Mick Johal, owner of European Glass Group. “These latest investments in our Group operations, together with freehold acquisition of our major new site in Cheadle, Manchester, endorses our position at the top of the UK glass business.”