Glaston has closed a more than $4 million (USD) deal for a heat treatment line with the Spanish company Tvitec – Técnicas de Vidro Transformado S.L. The line will be delivered to the customer in the final quarter of 2013.

The heat treatment line represents Glaston’s latest technology and is a customized flat tempering line with a total length of nearly 197 feet. The line is also equipped with the Vortex Pro™ heat control system and the iLooK™ measurement system. The deal also includes a comprehensive Glaston Care service contract package for maintenance, training and consulting services.

The deal includes an option of a Glaston XtraEdge™ double-edging line. If the customer decides to use the option the value of the total deal is nearly $4.9 million USD. The option is valid until the end of February, 2014.

Tvitec is a facade glass supplier in Spain, exporting 70 percent of its products.