Glaston Corp. has closed a deal with U.S based Manko Windows Systems for a FC Series tempering furnace and ProL lamination line. The order was received in several parts, most of the value in the second quarter and the remaining in the third quarter. The lines will be delivered to the customer by the end of this year.

In 2002, Manko purchased its first two Glaston tempering lines. The two companies continued their long partnership in 2015, with the delivery of two FC Series tempering lines, and then a third line in 2016.

This new FC Series furnace will mark the fourth FC machine to be delivered. All four lines have the iLook Distortion online measuring system, and this latest line will come with the new iLook Anisotropy online scanning system that visualizes and quantifies the level of anisotropy or iridescence in heat-treated glass thus giving the processor a tool to continuously monitor quality and improve production methods.

In addition, Manko has also placed an order for the ProL flat glass lamination line, designed to provide accurate and optimized heat transfer.

“From the very beginning, Manko has been able to continually grow their business by providing their customers with a tremendous product,” says Scott Steffy, vice president, sales and service, Glaston America. “They have consistently invested in industry leading technology. They continue to do this, not only with their fourth FC Series furnace, but also with the new ProL lamination line.”

“We are driven to provide our customers with high quality, on-time products, through our P&D, and cutting edge equipment,” adds Gary Jones, president, Manko Windows Systems. “Our long standing partnership with Glaston, built with top end machinery, and exceptional service, enables us to do just this. The glass quality is also exceptional, and the energy savings are even higher than expected.”