Glaston Corp. announced plans to restructure its organization in an effort to enhance strategy execution and customer experience. The reorganization is expected to take effect Oct. 1, 2023.

Officials say the restructuring includes the addition of two business areas: architecture and mobility, display and solar. The architecture segment will include current heat treatment flat laminating and flat tempering technologies and insulating glass technologies. The mobility, display and solar sector will include automotive and display processing technologies and heat treatment technologies for the automotive, display and solar glass markets.

New global business functions are planned for automotive, innovation and sourcing and supply chain management (SCM). Officials say that sales and services will continue as global functions work together with the business areas.

The new structure will provide resources to accelerate lifecycle revenue growth and dedication to services offering development within the business areas.

Officials also report that Miika Äppelqvist has been named architecture’s senior vice president (SVP), while Robert Prange has been appointed SVP of automation and SCM. He will lead the new business functions automation and innovation and sourcing and SCM. Dietmar Walz, currently the SVP of insulating glass technologies, will leave the company effective Oct. 1, 2023.

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