Helsinki, Finland-based Glaston has released its financial details for 2013, with orders for the year totaling $167.6 million USD (123.3 million Euros). Orders received in the fourth quarter totaled $42.3 million (33.3 million Euros).

The company reports consolidated net sales for the year of $166.1 million (122.2 million Euros). Final quarter net sales were $48. 8 million (35.9 million Euros).

The operating result, excluding non-recurring items, was a profit of $2.9 million (2.1 million Euros) for the year.

“We can be relatively satisfied with 2013,” says president and CEO Arto Metsänen. The company’s operational result returned to positive and we restored our financial position.”

According to the company’s report, the global market was relatively subdued for the year and “provided very limited support.” Company officials point to a perceptible positive note in North America throughout the year and also in Europe, particularly in the final quarter.

“We look forward to 2014 with confidence,” writes the company. “Our company is on a solid foundation and our product portfolio is the most up-to-date on the market and meeting customers’ needs. We believe that our markets will develop positively but cautiously, giving us a good possibility of profitable growth.”