Glaston reported net half-year sales totaling EUR 60.1 million (more than 80 million USD), according to company financial figures released Thursday. The numbers were slightly higher than the previous year, thanks in part to a strong second quarter services segment fueled by sales in heat treatment machines that saw operating profits rise by 20 percent from a year ago. Glaston’s overall second-quarter net sales totaled 33.7 million EUR (more than 45 million USD).

“Despite market uncertainty, Glaston’s second quarter went according to our expectations,” says president and CEO Arto Metsänen.

Company officials, however, remain cautiously optimistic about their EMEA area, the Finnish-based glass company’s biggest market area. Sales in that segment remained at the previous year’s level, with the focus of order coming from Central Europe and the United Kingdom. The North American market continues to recover, boosted by a pick-up in the construction industry. The South American market remains stable.

Glaston expects final 2013 net sales to be on the 2012 level and company earnings before interest and tax (EBIT) to be positive.