Glaston has issued its interim report for the period of January 1 to September 30, 2013, and reports that orders received during this period totaled $122.3 million (U.S. dollars) (90.0 million Euros).

Consolidated net sales in January-September totaled $117.4 million (86.4 million Euros). Third-quarter net sales were $35.8 million (26.3 million Euros).

“Glaston’s operations in the third quarter developed in line with expectations,” says Glaston president and CEO Arto Metsänen. “July-September net sales were slightly higher than the previous year and totaled EUR 26.3 million. Our January-September net sales totaled EUR 86.4 million, also slightly higher than the previous year.”

The company says new orders received during the third quarter were approximately 20 percent higher than the previous year.

Metsanen adds, “Seasonal variations are typical in our industry, and traditionally the last quarter of the year has been the strongest. I look toward the end of the year with confidence.”

Glaston officials say they expect its 2013 net sales to exceed 2012 net sales.

Among highlights from the period of January-September was the completion of the sale of Glaston’s Software Solutions business area in the first quarter for a sale price of $24.5 million (18 million Euros). During the first quarter, the company also completed the sale and leaseback of the Tampere factory property complex in Finland, the sale of which resulted in a non-recurring capital gain of $5.0 million (3.7 million Euros).