Czech company AGC Processing Teplice, a member of the AGC Glass Group, has purchased an FC Series tempering furnace from Glaston. The order, valued at approximately $1.85 million (EUR 1.5 million), will be delivered to the customer toward the end of this summer.

AGC Processing Teplice handles glass processing not only for the architectural industry but also for the automotive industry. Its main products are insulating glazing, glazing for public buildings, facades and glass for interior applications.

“The renewed FC tempering line is the choice for customers looking for higher performance and state-of-the art optical quality of the end product. A standard feature is the Glaston Insight service platform, which enables real-time monitoring of the production,” says Pekka Hytti, senior vice president of EMEA at Glaston Corporation.

“With the FC Series we are replacing the oldest furnace and it will allow us to enlarge our excellent service with top grade products in AGC Processing Teplice,” says Petr Mazzolini, regional director of Processed Glass CE.