Glaston Corp. sold an FC Series flat tempering furnace to Comercial Dialum, a glass fabricator in Santiago, Chile. The machine, which includes a Chinook connection system, is the largest flat tempering furnace Glaston has ever sold in South America, according to the company.

It will be delivered to Chile this summer.

“In South America, the glass processing market has been very slow during the past years,” says Moreno Magon, Glaston’s vice president of sales and service in South America. “However, some early signs of positive development is perceptible in Chile, Peru and Colombia and especially for high-quality tempered glass.”

“Technological innovation has enabled us to be leaders, delivering high quality products to the South American market,” adds Fernando Diez, executive president and owner of Commercial Company Dialum. “By incorporating an FC furnace, we will increase our production capacity, considerably reduce anisotropy and be able to process large glasses, which the local market does not currently offer.”