Launched within the framework of DIMECC Oy’s LIFEX program, the MIDAS project, which focuses on artificial intelligence, is Finland’s first machine learning project in industry. In addition to Glaston, the key actors of the two-year group project are Novatron, Nokia Technologies, Epec and Tampere University of Technology.

Glaston’s research topic is focused on tempering machine artificial intelligence, aimed at a fully automated tempering furnace. The MIDAS project continues Glaston’s work in utilizing the opportunities created by digitalization. Last year, digitalization was supported by the glass industry startup event Step Change as well as the glass industry hackathon event Hack the Glass, which was held for the first time.

“Glaston seeks to be a frontrunner in both technology and business practices. We are now participating in the DIMECC-led artificial intelligence consortium, because it was planned from an industry perspective and we have great opportunities to apply artificial intelligence in our furnaces and in the analysis of our installed machines. We invest in business-oriented research and develop glass processing, where we are recognized as being at the absolute peak globally,” says Glaston Corporation president and CEO Arto Metsänen.

Glaston invests heavily in product development, particularly in developing digital and Internet of Things (IoT)-based products such as utilizing analytics, raising automation, developing continuous monitoring and proactive maintenance.

By utilizing cloud services and the opportunities provided by IoT, Glaston helps its customers use their machines as efficiently as possible, according to the company. The company brought a service that enables customers to monitor production in real time to the glass processing market.

The companies participating in the MIDAS project will cooperate closely with each other and with Tampere University of Technology (TUT). Also involved are researchers specialized in artificial intelligence, who have expertise in the development of machine learning.

“We are building TUT into a leading artificial intelligence research institution in industrial applications. The MIDAS project is possibly one of the biggest to date in the artificial intelligence program funded by Business Finland,” says Professor Heikki Huttunen, a TUT artificial intelligence specialist.