As of February 2021, operations in Glaston’s Brazilian subsidiary will be discontinued. In order to ensure continuous support and service to the South American customers, Glaston announced that it will strengthen its agency and partner network in the region.

The scale-down of operations at Glaston’s subsidiary in Sao Paolo, Brazil, began at the end of 2020. Critical operations will continue until February 2021 and after that, customer support and sales will be conducted together with external parties. Glaston’s glass processing expertise is available to South American customers through the company’s regional Americas sales and service team headed by Kimmo Kuusela, senior vice president of sales and service, Americas.

“Supporting our customers in their various business needs is a key priority for Glaston, and our customers can rely on our continued help and assistance. We consider providing our global expertise through an agency network and dedicated service partners as the right way forward in the region,” says Sasu Koivumäki, chief sales officer at Glaston Corp.