Code officials are meeting this week in Louisville, Ky., to discuss the 2016 building codes. At least one industry-related proposal has already been approved.

A change to the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) (RE8-16) adds the following definition to R202 (IRC N1101.6) involving opaque doors. “A door that is not less than 50 percent opaque in surface area.” The proponent of the change explained the reasoning: “The term opaque door is used in the residential provisions of the code. A definition is needed to clarify application. The definition proposed is identical to the IECC Commercial Provisions in Section C202. The IECC defines a door that is more than 50 percent glass in area as a glass door. Adding this exception to the IECC clarifies that any door that is not at least 50 percent glazing is considered, for the purposes of the residential provisions of the IECC, an opaque door.”

The proposal was submitted by the ICC Sustainability Energy and High Performance Code Action Committee. The group was established by the ICC board of directors to pursue opportunities to improve and enhance International Codes with regard to sustainability, energy and high performance as it relates to the built environment. This is included, but not limited to, how these criteria relate to the International Green Construction Code and the IECC.

The hearings continue through next Wednesday.