Global Construction Industries (GCI), which includes the divisions, Glazier Nation and Glaziers on Demand, is a new venture based in Douglas, Ga., that recently announced several personnel appointments, naming new presidents of the three organizations.

Matt Day

Matt Day, founder of Glaziers on Demand, is now president of the newly formed Glazier Nation, which helps provide employment opportunities for glass professionals and for organizations looking to hire.

Greg Whittle

Stepping into the role as president at Glaziers on Demand is Greg Whittle. Glaziers on Demand has been a full-service supplier of labor solutions to the glazing community for eight years. Whittle has overseen the labor needs on more than 1000 projects and has been a major part of some of the most significant glass projects in the United States, according to the announcement.

David Schweiterman

In addition, David Schwieterman has been named president of GCI, the new venture in the early stages of development and will focus on supplying support and resources to the entire construction industry.


  1. We are a small glass company located in Evergreen, Colorado. As is elsewhere, there is a shortage of experienced glaziers in our area. I’m wondering if you have installers in our area and if you work with smaller companies to find permanent help or if you’re geared to large construction projects only.

    1. Hi Patricia.

      We will work to help any glass company, large or small. Call our office at (912)384-2822 x 211, and speak to James. You can also visit our website (still under construction, but functioning) at And right now is a great time, because we are running a special through the week of GlassBuild. FREE JOB POSTINGS!! Thank you for the inquiry!

  2. Thank you, USGlassMagazine, for writing this. Our guys and girls, and especially our leaders, have put their hearts and souls into these companies to give the glass industry the tools it so desperately needed, a way to combat the labor issue. We want to give as much to glaziers as we can without charging them a dime. Lately, we have had some major players step through our doors to partner with us for that purpose. We will have more announcements in the near future, and we hope to see USGlassMagazine there to cover them all!

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