Glass Companies to Complete International Float Line Refurbishments

Two primary glass manufacturers, AGC Glass Europe and Guardian Glass, are each planning upgrades to float lines in Europe over the next two years.

After 18 years of uninterrupted production, one of the four float glass furnaces at AGC Glass Europe in Moustier, Belgium, will shut down to carry out a cold repair. This line produces glass that is used mainly for laminated, coated, silvered, varnished and acid-etched AGC glass products. It also serves the AGC processing and distribution network.

The float line will be refurbished to improve its performance to meet high standards in terms of safety, quality and environment, according to the company. The design improvements will reduce its energy consumption by 20%, with a corresponding positive impact on atmospheric emissions: 25% less carbon dioxide and 40% less nitrogen oxides. The cold repair is also aimed at an increase of productivity and cost competitiveness of the site.

The line is planned to shut down in the last quarter of 2019 and is expected to restart in the last quarter of 2020.

“At that time, this refurbished facility will fully support our policy aimed at providing high-performance products and improving customer service, while contributing to a sustainable future,” says Philippe Bastien, regional president of building and industrial glass in Europe.

Guardian Glass is also investing in the modernization and upgrade of float glass lines at two of its European production plants.

The float glass production line in Goole, U.K., will be upgraded and modernized as the existing furnace nears the end of its life cycle. The upgrade is expected to be performed in the beginning of 2021. The new float glass furnace is planned to have a nominal melting capacity of 825 metric tonnes per day—a 20% increase compared to the existing furnace. Due to an optimized design, the furnace energy efficiency as well as the environmental
performance of the new line are expected to improve on a per tonne basis. The new float glass line will continue to service customers in the UK and Ireland, providing a wide range of float, coated and laminated glass products.

Guardian Glass is also investing in its production plant in Oroshaza, Hungary. The existing float glass furnace will be repaired in the second half of 2020. This project, together with the two existing Guardian Glass production plants in Częstochowa, Poland (one float glass line was recently repaired and upgraded and a second one is currently under construction) will ensure that the company continues to support the increased demand for float, coated and laminated glass products for customers in Eastern Europe, according to the announcement.

Guus Boekhoudt, vice president of Guardian Glass Europe, Russia and Asia and managing director of Guardian Europe says, “By investing in our production plants in the UK and Hungary, we are demonstrating our commitment to the continuous improvement of our glass products and services for our customers. Glass demand is continuing to grow in Europe and these investments will ensure the supply to our customers, essential to
developing and maintaining our strong partnerships.”

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