Euroglas Polska Begins Construction of Second Float Line in Poland

Euroglas Polska sp. z o.o. held a ceremony on March 14, 2018 in Ujazd, Poland to place a corner-stone for the construction of its second float glass production line. The new line is set to begin production during the first quarter of 2019.

Representatives of the glass factory Euroglas Polska, the Swiss holding Glas Trösch, Press Glass and local authorities attended the ceremony.

“The investment is a response to the continuously growing demand for such glass. The production on the new line, similarly to the production on the existing one, will be carried out with the use of the state-of-the-art technologies, with special focus on environmental protection,” reads a company statement.

During the ceremony, a speech was delivered by Arkadiusz Muś —chair-man of the board of Press Glass SA, a shareholder of Euroglas Polska.

“We are witnessing an event—and I am not afraid to say it—that is an epochal event, both for Poland and for Eu-rope. Due to the fact that today in Ujazd we begin the construction of the second float glass production line, in a year and a half this place will become the largest float glass production center in Europe. This is all possible thanks to the great success of the first joint investment of Glas Trösch and Press Glass, started about ten years ago,” he said.

Muś further stressed that such projects are the effect of a long-term development strategy pursued by many entrepreneurs over the last decades.

“Our … success is not just the result of the last two years like many try to convince us now. This is the result of many years, a liberal economic policy, open Europe and primarily Polish and foreign entrepreneurs consistently in-vesting for almost 30 years,” he said. “It is thanks to them that such innovative, modern facilities, like Euroglass that create valuable workplaces, can be established in Poland.”

Euroglas Polska now operates one float line in Ujazd and manufactures coated glass with the magnetron method.

Italian Company Purchases Flat Tempering Line

Novavetro, located in San Severino Marche, Italy, has purchased an RC series flat tempering line from Glaston. The line processes extra-long glass up to 12 meters.

The furnace will be delivered to Italy toward the end of 2018.

Founded in 1979, Novavetro is an Italian architectural flat glass supplier, and invested in the tempering furnace as part of its plan to expand operations. The line, which includes an automatic roller heat control system, will be located in the company’s new processing facility for oversized glass.

“Technological innovation and high-quality products have enabled us to be leaders in the Italian market. By incorporating the RC series furnace, we will further strengthen our position [in] the market and are able to meet the growing demand for high-quality jumbo sized glass,” says Samuele Lucentini, owner of Novavetro.

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