Şişecam Wraps up 2021 With a Number of Investments and Expansions

Şişecam is investing in a number of areas and plans to continue its expansion. Last year, in partnership with Ciner Group, the company invested $4 billion in the U.S. soda ash industry. As part of the new investment plan, Şişecam will become a 60% shareholder by acquiring an additional share in the Pacific natural soda ash development project. It will also purchase a 60% share in the Atlantic Project and Ciner Resources, the existing natural soda ash production facility of Ciner Group in Wyoming.

The Ciner Resources Wyoming Plant, built in 1962, has a current production capacity of about 2.5 million metric tons per year. The Pacific and Atlantic development projects, with a targeted combined production capacity of about 5 million metric tons per year, are expected to start production during 2025 with full capacity by 2027.

Şişecam also signed a memorandum of understanding to found a global joint venture with 7CBasalia, the owner of Basalia Technology, a company that’s considered a “groundbreaking solution in the green and circular economy space” and a Turkish innovation in bioeconomics. With the investment, the two companies are supporting R&D efforts in technology developed to turn all types of waste into harmless materials.

The companies recorded successful results in initial testing following a pilot project in Şişecam facilities. As a result, Şişecam will support dissemination of Basalia Technology across all its international platforms worldwide. This investment will mark its first-ever biotechnology investment.

Glaston Closes Deal for Two TPS Lines

Glaston Group has received an order for two Thermo Plastic Spacer (TPS) insulating glass lines from French window manufacturer TRYBA. The order was booked for Glaston’s fourth quarter of 2021, and the lines will be delivered in the third quarter of 2022.

TRYBA, which operates Glaston tempering, flat laminating and insulating glass lines, is expanding and looking for an automated and flexible solution for the manufacturing of insulating glass units.

“Progress and innovation are the driving force leading us to constantly renew our products and make them even more efficient. Our team is paying attention to detail and constantly seeks perfection and reaching a balance between technology and design,” says
Jerome Oberle, project manager of TRYBA S.A. Portugal. “With Glaston technology and service capabilities, we are confident to expand our glass business successfully.”

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