NSG Sees Clearly with Ubiquitous Energy Transparent Solar Windows

The first installation of transparent solar panels for use as building windows in Japan is underway. The windows were developed and fabricated by Ubiquitous Energy and installed at NSG’s facility in Japan. Funding was provided by Eneos. According to the companies, the installation is intended to verify the energy savings performance (heat blocking and insulation) and power generation capabilities of Ubiquitous Energy’s transparent solar windows under Japan’s sunlight and weather conditions. NSG and Eneos will perform quantitative evaluation together at NSG’s Chiba Plant over a one-year period, from September 1, 2021, to August 31, 2022. The companies are considering additional building installations and the potential to connect them to solar power generation systems.

Ubiquitous Energy’s transparent photovoltaic coating, UE Power, generates electricity from non-visible light. The UE Power coating generates electricity on the full surface of the window glass without patterns, borders or color tints. The electricity is collected and transmitted through wiring built discreetly into the window frame and fed into the building to power various products or increase its overall energy efficiency.

GKT Group Invests in Hegla Software

The German company GKT Group expanded its production technology and implemented a new software system. This addition included a switch to ERP and Production Planning Software by Hegla-Hanic to drive the machines and processing lines. The company also invested in a wet processing center, an automated float glass cutting system with automated breakout and an insulating glass line.

“Every system has its time,” says Peter Egg, GKT managing director. “We were well-positioned, our processes functioned properly, and we probably could have continued to work with the existing software.”

To provide integrated support to shipping, Hegla’s New Technology Group has also developed a tablet app specifically for GKT and its process requirements. It completely digitalizes documents and simplifies workflows in picking and shipping, says the company.

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