Press Glass Receives CE Marking for Cylindrically Curved Glass

Press Glass has developed and issued a European Technical Assessment (ETA), a documented assessment of the curved glass performance in accordance with the European Assessment Document (EAD).

The ETA allows Press Glass to use the European Compliance (CE) marking on its cylindrically curved glass. The CE marking indicates that a product meets harmonized performance and safety standards, will not endanger lives and property and fulfills the requirements of relevant European product directives.

According to its announcement, Press Glass is the first company to receive a CE marking for cylindrically curved glass. The marking confirms cylindrically curved tempered and laminated glass performance in accredited, independent research laboratories.

The European Parliament and the Council of the European Union state that under Regulation No. 305/2011, all construction products with a harmonized standard need to have a CE marking. However, no harmonized standard was developed for cylindrically curved glass.

“First of all, the EAD had to be developed,” says Tomasz Slusarek of the certification and testing department of Press Glass. “This process is time-consuming as it consists of several stages, inter alia the development of the document, consultation with European technical bodies and consultation with and final approval of the European Commission. Only an approved EAD could be the foundation for the ETA development. Initial type tests and
performance tests carried out for each product type are highly important here. Due to our portfolio’s rather wide range of product types, we had to plan, produce and test an immense number of samples. It took about two years to develop each document individually (EAD followed by ETA).”

S‘lusarek adds that ETA provides Press Glass with a significant advantage, as it is the only company in Europe authorized to issue declarations of performance for cylindrically curved, tempered and laminated glass.

NSG Group Exits Russia

NSG Group’s joint venture, SP Glass Holdings B.V., has divested its subsidiary holdings in Russia. With the divestment, the group has fully exited Russia, state company officials.

SP Glass Holdings is a Netherlands-based company that owns and operates subsidiaries in Russia. The group announced that the companies disposed of include Pilkington Glass and StiS Group of Companies LLC. They are based in Moscow and manufacture glass and glass products.

A Russian businessperson, Vladimir Voronin, purchased the companies. Group officials say the company expects a net gain of approximately $34.6 million* due to the divestment.

The group’s exit from Russia follows a string of glass companies severing ties with the embattled country, including Guardian Glass, Rehau and Velux.

*Converted from JPY to USD on June 28, 2023.

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