A Look at Some of What You’ll Find at GlassBuild America ’19

The glass and glazing industry is once again gearing up for the GlassBuild America trade show, September 17-19 at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta. The event will provide a number of educational opportunities, including express learning sessions on the show floor, demonstrations and more. In addition, hundreds of exhibitors will showcase their latest developments, including machinery and equipment, tools and supplies and much more. Here’s a look at what just some of the exhibitors plan to feature.


Guardian Glass— Booth 1121

In addition to its full roster of high performance SunGuard coated glass products and services, InGlass interior coated glass products and ClimaGuard residential coated glass products, Guardian Glass will highlight its Bird1st glass. This new technology has a patent-pending UV stripe coating on the first surface that’s virtually invisible to the human eye
in dry conditions. The UV stripe coating is designed to help prevent collisions by visually signaling an impending barrier to birds. Moisture may in some occasions make the UV stripe temporarily visible, which can benefit birds that only see in the visible spectrum and are active in the early morning.

Also featured are Guardian Vacuum IG units that complement the company’s bird-friendly products. According to the company, these can improve center of glass performance from R-1 for single-pane glass to R-12. Each unit utilizes two tempered glass lites separated by nearly invisible microspacers, a vacuum (no air) between the panes, and SunGuard low-E coatings, to deliver a step change for insulating performance.


Vitro – Booth 1925

Starphire Ultra-Clear low-iron glass provides options for both exterior and interior applications in commercial buildings and private homes. Starphire Ultra-Clear glass can be used by architects, building designers and engineers to provide visual clarity, solar control and light transmittance. For interior applications such as shelves, tabletops, backsplashes, doors and side lites, and decorative panels, the glass provides color fidelity while remaining clear as its thickness increases, according to the company.


Walker Glass Company – Booth 807

Walker Glass Co. has expanded its AviProtek line with four new, bird-friendly glass designs.

Three of the AviProtek designs use dot patterns. Typical applications include guard rails, rain screens and insulating glass units (usually with a third-surface low-E glass).

The fourth AviProtek design, pattern 7 01, is a multi-directional random
line design and part of the AviProtekT product line, which offers patented UV technology that is barely noticeable to the human eye, yet visible to birds. It is applied to the first surface of the glass.


GGI – Booth 1227

GGI continues to expand its product range and custom fabrication capabilities and will showcase the newest colors added to its backpainted glass portfolio, along with new Alice direct-to-glass printing design options. The company says both product line expansions offer architects and designers an opportunity to create different aesthetics within a cost-effective and timely approach. GGI also will incorporate Alice displays that pay tribute to Atlanta’s architecture and landmark attractions while showcasing the high resolution, color capabilities and varying opacity levels achievable with custom artwork.


Sevasa Technologies – Booth 1113

Sevasa has introduced the LuxPrint glass line, which the company describes as nearly invisible glass with anti-glare and anti-reflective performance for high quality color rendering in digital printing applications or special see-through applications.

LuxPrint is composed of three levels of anti-glare and translucency: LuxPrint 6, for anti-glare; LuxPrint 8, the balanced anti-glare/transparency; and LuxPrint 10, for transparency. Among other benefits, the line is durable, stain-resistant, has a high light transmittance, and is easy to clean.


Phoenicia – Booth 4

Phoenicia, a manufacturer of float and laminated glass, will feature its True Color low iron glass. The company will also highlight its acid-etched products, Phoenicia Privacy; its laminated line, including impact glass; and its float products, ranging from 1.8- to 12-mm thicknesses.



Bavelloni – Booth 3951

Visitors to the Bavelloni booth will be able to see the company’s VDM 1636 NC vertical drilling and milling machine, equipped with one double drilling head (1+1 opposing spindles) each provided with a rotating tool storage, for eight positions each. The user-friendly design has advanced technical features to ensure precise working accuracy, according to the company. Milling is performed while the glass is in a fixed position for high-quality grinding and fast grinding speed. The control device combines an NC with the convenience of a PC working in Windows environment.


Bystronic – Booth 649

Thermo Plastic Spacer (TPS) will be the focus for Bystronic glass. According to the company, production flexibility is one advantage of TPS, which is applied directly onto the glass lite. Spacer width between the lites can be varied automatically for each insulting glass (IG) unit during the production process. The respectively required spacer—rectangular or shaped—is always available and is applied as a bead out of a drum. The storage of different spacer profiles and connectors is no longer necessary and separate production processes are no longer needed for sawing, bending, connecting, desiccant filling and butyl-coating. Insulating glass manufacturers can choose from three different system solutions for this purpose: B’Vario TPS, the individually configurable IG manufacturing line; B’Speed TPS, a fast system solution with short cycle times; and B’Jumbo TPS, for glass sizes up to 354 inches long.


Glaston – Booth 1334

Glaston will showcase its latest developments in lamination technology. In addition, its Insight Reporting is also now available for ProL to monitor furnace production data, energy consumption and maintenance needs online. Processors get immediate feedback on how productivity is progressing. Designed for recipe-free processing, ProL offers maximum efficiency, ease of use and consistently high glass quality with no need to make any adjustments. ProL-zone is also available as an upgrade for any brand of existing lamination machine.

In addition, Glaston will feature its Jumbo Series machine for over-sized architectural glass. The main highlight of the machine is its Fusion option, providing the capacity of a double-chamber furnace to match growing architectural glass demands. When running regular batches, the furnace scales back to a single chamber. Fusion lowers production costs, as energy is channeled only where it is needed on the glass. The furnace can be filled efficiently, cutting back on energy consumption.

The company will also feature advances to the FC Series. These include high levels of automation, intelligent process control and active edge control technology, enabled by an intelligent cooling system that automatically adapts to glass size, eliminating issues with edge lift.

In addition, the latest version of the iLooK allows users to set even higher quality standards with precision and quality. The iLooK family includes iLooK Distortion, iLooK Anisotropy or iLooK Distortion and Anisotropy to accurately scan glass online.


Intermac – Booth 3455

Intermac will feature its new Master One 3- or 4-axis CNC machining center for processing glass, demonstrating its range of machining operations, small footprint and ergonomic design. Suitable for large companies that require both high run-time for multiple shifts and small companies that require precision and ease of use, the Master One has maximum acceleration and axis speeds, for quick processing time.

An optional pressure intensifier is available to further increase processing speeds from 40-60%. It’s also equipped to operate the Diamut Helix tool that produces holes in glass, complete with integrated upper and lower countersinks for glass sheets up to ¾-inch thick, without the need for a tool change.

Master One is offered with the Sophia IoT platform for monitoring, production, identifying malfunctions, and assisting clients with maintenance operations, replacement parts and preventive maintenance.


Lattuada North America – Booth 2749

Lattuada’s robotic solution is for use with its edgers, and includes automatic integrated online-measurement of the glass and automatic speed adjustments according to the glass size. The robotic solution also includes continuous production for increased productivity and the ability to turn the glass 90 or 180 degrees in only one pass. It is flexible and can be customized. Its Venturi vacuum-system grippers are also customizable. Lattuada also offers the A-WR System, a motorized adjustment of diamond/resin spindles, also for use with its edgers.


Salem Flat Glass & Mirror– Booth 3135

Salem Flat Glass & Mirror will highlight machinery and equipment from a number of its partner companies. These include the Denver Advance Plus, part of a new generation of vertical CNC work centers. The machine offers integrated opposing drilling, and reduced overall dimensions, along with standard horizontal CNC machining capabilities. The Advance Plus can handle all processing steps without operator intervention, and can process glass up to 137 by 59 inches.

The Click-Fit from BDT is a cup wheel mounting system that accommodates the needs of machine operators, production and purchasing personnel, as well as management. Used in the pre-processing of flat glass in both grinding and polishing applications, the Click-Fit product line allows fabricators to use a universal mechanical connection by installing an adapter to each spindle. With the adapter, any wheel type can be connected to any make or model machine using the patented universal locking technology.

Also from Salem, the Thunder Cut is a new generation series of stainless-steel body core drills that are produced in multiple working lengths for both manual and automated CNC machinery from a variety of equipment manufacturers. The Thunder Cut does not require dressing of the bond to maintain its top performance, which prevents additional downtime, according to the company.

Schiatti – Booth 3040

Schiatti Angelo’s exhibition will showcase the newest feature recently added to its machinery that adjusts diamond wheels automatically. While the machines were previously able to adjust polishing wheels through a PLC automatically, the Mitsubishi PLC can now also perform automatically through a glass grinding process. This new improvement of self-adjustment diamond wheels will save set-up time, testing and reduce human error, making it easier for the operator to maintain working tolerances, according to the company.

Schiatti is represented in the U.S. by DeGorter.


Billco Manufacturing – Booth 3565

Billco will debut three new products, starting with its new, patent-pending, Ultra Series X cutting table with an integrated breaker. The new design and more powerful cutting head deliver smooth and precise acceleration and deceleration. The table features a servo-driven belt drive system, integrated breaker bar and new cutting head oil delivery system. New options include blue film removal, an improved edge deletion system and the ability to integrate with HP3 Software’s new patent-pending Sub Plate Cutting software.

The company also offers a fully automated option for handling and transferring glass from one process to another on the production floor in its VGV automated harp rack transport. The self-driving vehicles can be programmed to drive any route while pulling a train of harp racks from one process to the next. The tuggers navigate surroundings using 3D vision, and can stop immediately if their path is obstructed.

In addition, Billco has introduced the Foundation Series washer, which can anchor any tempering, laminating or insulating line. The washer is available for both 60-inch and 96-inch conveyor widths, and features a helical gear drive system, quick-change bearing blocks, integrated and directed self-cleaning trays as well as a preventative maintenance program to assist with ease of maintenance.


Taifin Glass Machinery – Booth 2455

The Finnish company, Taifin Glass Machinery, will highlight its furnaces for glass bending and tempering. The glass bending furnaces are designed for high-capacity and mixed production of windscreens with complex shapes and multiple, unique features.

In addition, the company has developed laminating and tempering machinery for flat glass and released a full convection flat tempering furnace with new innovations.


Matodi – Booth #3447

Matodi will showcase a number of equipment lines in its booth, including the Neptun Rock 11 with automatic wheel adjustment. This is the latest addition to the Rock series and allows for complete and automated wheel presetting so no operator intervention is needed.

Also on display will be the Sulak Boxer L, a built-in device to create shower door notches without the need of a CNC.

Matodi will also feature the Keraglass Combi 4/2 with two extra trays. It can
be used to laminate flat and bent glass of various shapes, sizes and thicknesses.

Several lines from Barbaric will also be on display, including the Barbaric B4 UL GK 250, a lifter that can handle up to 550 pounds, and the Barbaric B2s 200, which can lift up to 440 pounds and rotate up to 200 degrees.


Machines and Wheels – Booth 3369

Machines and Wheels from High Point, N.C., will feature the Selim SE5L, a straight line flat edging machine with five spindles capable of producing flat and flat with arris profiles. Beginning with one cup diamond wheel, the configuration is followed by two 45-degree arrising wheels (front and back arris), then followed by one cup polishing wheel for polishing of the flat edge and one cerium impregnated wheel in the final position for a brilliant polish.

Inlet and outlet conveyors use timing belts for long life and precise operation, and the machine features a lubrication system for the front and rear conveyor rails. In addition, a mechanical stepless reducer adjusts the conveyor speed.


Hegla – Booth 649

A number of new developments will be the focus for Hegla, including automated guided vehicles (AGV), and the Galactic-Cutting system with Vertical ReMaster.

According to the company, its AGV can automatically transport the sorted output from one process to multiple downstream processes in a safe, flexible, reliable and optimized fashion.

In addition, the Vertical ReMaster is designed to complement any cutting system’s performance by improving overall material utilization and quality for processing of float glass, laminated glass and specialty glass. Any usable residual glass that is created is automatically stored in the dynamic remnant buffer located within the cutting system’s retrieval system until it can be optimally used for subsequent orders. The Vertical ReMaster then transports the remnant back into the cutting line, making it immediately available for processing. This eliminates residual sheet handling by the operator, helps avoid glass damage, improves safety and increases the use of residual sheets.

Inspection Equipment

LiteSentry Corp.– Booth 3423

LiteSentry will highlight its Osprey 8 complete inspection system, created to measure maximum observable iridescence, strain marks, heat stain, white haze, average or residual stress, and all types of distortion.

The Osprey 8, developed in partnership with Stress Photonics, is a combination of inspection systems housed in a single unit. The system is designed for installation on any brand of tempering line. According to the company, it provides visualization and quantification of challenging problems in glass fabrication, beyond distortion caused by roller wave or edge kink. The Osprey 8 uses Stress Photonics Grey-Field Polariscope cameras and polarized transmitted light to detect anisotropy effects in the glass. The system provides real-time inspection and data collection at four polarization states, a map of the maximum predicted iridescence for every part on a scale of 0-100% and a map of average stress for every part. Data and images are saved, making it traceable and auditable, for full accountability, according to the company.


Viprotron – Booth 845

Based in Pfungstadt, Germany, Viprotron offers quality scanning devices for flat glass processing and will feature its latest development, the new generation of the ECO Scanner. As part of one of the first DIY scanners on the market, it allows users to examine glass as ASTM and international standards require. According to the company, the new scanner is easy for customers to install on their own, and can be retrofitted onto existing machines. The company offers equipment for horizontal or vertical lines.


Softsolution North America Inc. – Booth 2719

The all-in-one LineScanner from the Austrian company Softsolution, combines several quality tests into a single system. Glass manufacturers and glass fabricators can now measure and document the quality of the stress distribution (anisotropy) across the entire lite of glass, including the edge stress.

The LineScanner tests the tempering quality, checking for anisotropy, edge stress, glass fragmentation analysis and thermal imaging. For final dimensions control the machine offers an overall dimension check, drill hole diameter and location check, and notches and cut outs dimension and location check. It also tests the optical quality, looking for surface defects (scratches, finger prints, etc.), inclusions and edge defects.


Tools and Supplies

EDTM – Booth 3627

EDTM will introduce the Edge low-E coating detector, an inexpensive detector the company says is ideal for applications when technicians must determine if there is a low-E coating on the top surface of the glass. There are two primary applications for this product. The first is for testing single panes of low-E glass in production to ensure the coated surface is on the top. The second application is for testing that the glass was properly edge-deleted.

The new coating detector uses two non-scratch pads to test the glass surface via conductivity. Press the device against the glass and an indicator will
illuminate if it is touching the conductive low-E coating on the top surface of the glass. The absence of the illuminated LED will confirm no low-E coating is present, or that the glass was properly edge deleted.

According to the company, the Edge detector has been approved for testing all low-E coatings.


Protectapeel – Booth 612

Houston-based Protectapeel, which offers liquid-applied, temporary, protective, peelable coatings, will feature its new surface protection product called Enviro-Shield.

According to the company, Enviro-Shield has zero drying time and cures on contact. It can be applied to gaskets, chalking, handles, woolpile, and will not adhere to hardware. It offers protection from mortar, welding sparks and other general construction damage. In addition, the company notes that it is 100% recyclable back into itself and has no VOCs.


Strybuc – Booth 2505

Strybuc’s new CarryMate transport grips assist in carrying large pieces of glass and protect hands while preventing back strain, according to the company. The clamping system self-adjusts to the width of the glass being lifted and holds it in place without damaging its surface. Each grip can hold up to 220 pounds. The ergonomically designed carrying grips provide a secure hold, even during turns and pivots.


Grove Shims – Booth 3406

Constructed of strong, injection-molded high-impact polystyrene, the solid, never hollow, Snap Apart Wedge shims by Grove Shims hold up in a variety of applications including masonry, precast and tilt-up concrete. This shim was created to fill a need for timely delivery and consistent quality. It works the same as the company’s small wedge except that the Snap Apart is tapered in the middle so it can snap apart and serve as two wedges.


Fire-Rated Glass

Safti First – Booth 3218

U.S.-made SuperClear 45-HS-LI from Safti First is its clearest 45-minute glazing product, according to the company, adding that it meets all fi re, hose stream and impact safety requirements for 45-minute doors, sidelites, transoms and openings. The glass is available in large sizes and can be used in interior and exterior applications including energy-efficient make-ups. It is UL and Intertek listed.



FeneTech Inc. – Booth 2925

FeneTech will show off the latest iterations of its software, including the newest release of FeneVision Ultimate, an enterprise resource planning (ERP) application. The program now includes web- and client-based quotation and order handling, pricing and costing, capacity planning, production scheduling, dynamic/batch glass cutting optimization and much more.

The company also will unveil its latest initiative: FENml (Fenestration Manufacturing Language). FENml is a new form of communication that allows fenestration stakeholders of various brands and types to “speak” the same language, company information suggests, combining data from users’ ERP systems with machinery on the shop floor.


Soft Tech Group – Booth 1917

Soft Tech will launch its Dealer Interface, an online application running on the cloud with the user’s V6 database working in the background. Dealers will be able to log onto this application through a web portal to view complete units and select required products to prepare proposals and sales orders.



MyGlassTruck – Booth 2127

The interior sliding glass rack from MyGlassTruck provides a solution for installing a glass rack inside a van. The Slider uses the company’s standard glass rack design and mounts it onto a sliding base. This allows the rack to extend up to 70% out of the back of the van for easy loading and unloading. The Slider’s base is mounted to the van’s floor in multiple locations and can hold up to 800 pounds when extended. While in transit, the Slider’s base locks into place ensuring the cargo remains safe. The product comes standard with two rows of E-track and cargo straps providing plenty of ways to secure glass. A shelf on the opposite side of the rack provides tool storage.


Handling and Lifting Equipment

SmartLift US – Booth 16

SmartLift US will feature its mobileglass manipulation equipment specially designed for today’s glazier, with more than nine different types of jobs. Most models are 100% battery powered and don’t require hydraulics for operation, while providing the operator with minimal movements. Every SmartLift comes standard with remote control, foam-filled or solid rubber tires, side shift, outriggers and access to a 24-hour service hotline.


Bailey Cranes – Booth 1109

The Flipper from Bailey Cranes is for use in glass manufacturing and is designed to pick up glass from a horizontal surface and flip it 180 degrees. According to the company, the Flipper does this with only 45 inches between the glass and the floor, making it easy to work on both sides of the glass, inspect or work on the frame at a comfortable height.



Xinglass – Booth 3759

Xinglass America will feature its GTH-series glass tempering furnace for flat/bent glass. The tempering furnaces use the version 4.0 QX-smart digital control system, with new technology to temper super-thin/thick glass as well as soft and hard low-E coatings. Intelligent heating control algorithms and special air convection technology have been added to the heating section, which have realized uniform temperature distribution under different heating modes. The tempering tempering furnace is designed with high precision frequency control for all drive motors and blowers. According to the company, the new version 4.0 system increases all control precision by 20-30%.


Consolidated Glass Holdings – Booth 2221

ChildGard security glazing, Invisiwall glass systems and bent architectural glass will all be featured in the Consolidated Glass Holdings’ (CGH) booth.

ChildGard security glazing is designed for use in school and childcare facilities to withstand extensive physical attack in a forced-entry scenario. It can be used in either new or retrofit applications, as well as in insulating glass units. It can be paired with low-E and tinted glass options for different performance requirements.

Invisiwall glass systems can be custom engineered for a variety of applications, such as point-supported glass walls and canopies, all-glass doors and entrances, commercial shower enclosures and specialty applications. The systems are available with several glass options, as well as standard or custom hardware.

CGH’s bent glass is custom fabricated and available in a variety of glass types, including insulating, low-E coated, laminated, tempered and monolithic, as well as with ceramic frit or spandrel coatings. The company can produce bent glass sizes up to 96 inches wide and 19 mm thick.


Erdman Automation Corp. – Booth 2535

Erdman grabbed a lot of attention at last year’s show with its Unmanned Robotic IG Work Cell. The unit produces large insulating glass units (up to 5 feet by 12 feet in size) without direct labor. It also reduces necessary floor space by roughly one half, compared to other manufacturing methods and equipment.

The target cycle time for Erdman’s line is one unit per minute without gas filling and every 90 seconds without gas. Meanwhile, unlike manned units, a robotic work cell can be operated around the clock, officials pointed out, producing up to 1,440 units per 24-hour cycle. Robotic lifting and handling also helps to increase workplace safety.


Lisec – Booth 2235

Lisec offers glass cutting and sorting systems, individual components and complete production lines for insulating and laminated glass, as well as machines for the processing of glass edges and air cushion tempering systems.

The company will present a new two-material sealing robot and a new automatic butyl coating machine, both featuring a precise application of the sealing materials. In addition, the company will also highlight its Velocity Plus insulating glass production line.


Architectural Metal

SAF – Booth 1207

SAF will use its booth to spotlight its sunshades, its first sun control product line. The company says its sunshades will reduce solar heat gain and control glare, allowing designers to optimize the use of natural daylight. Benefits include reducing energy consumption and providing a more comfortable building environment.

The sunshades are constructed of extruded and formed aluminum sheet for reduced weight and corrosion resistance. Different blade shapes such as airfoils, round tubes or Z-shapes are all available. The sunshades come in a variety of anodized of PVDF finishes, and are engineered and designed to match a traditional sunshade appearance.



Quanex Building Products – Booth 2517

Quanex is celebrating two occasions at this year’s show—the 30-year anniversary of its Super Spacer warm-edge technology and 50 years of Mikron AW-Rated System C3-11300 vinyl. Mikron is a Quanex business segment that produces door and window profiles.

Super Spacer systems are certified by Europe’s Passive House Institute, which provides architects and planners with guidance on all questions related to energy-efficient and sustainable construction. The Passive House Institute tests and certifies products in terms of their suitability for use in passive houses and makes it possible to predict the future energy performance of a building. All three Super Spacer systems exceed the required minimum levels of specific edge resistance and are certified for arctic climates and every climate zone with lower requirements, according to the company.

Mikron C3-11300 includes Quanex’s MikronBlend vinyl compound, offering optimal weathering and durability. It also features the company’s Super-CapSR, which absorbs less heat to prevent heat-related profile distortion.


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