CEO and co-founder of Goldray Cathie Saroka is stepping down and transitioning to executive chair. She is handing her responsibilities over to Michael Saroka.

Micheal and Cathie Saroka

Michael previously held the role of Goldray’s chief operating officer.

“Touching glass, researching it and playing with it for such a long time has led to a healthy respect for this inorganic solid material,” says Michael Saroka. “Over the years, I have worked alongside some incredible people in our industry. This, I believe, will help me guide the people of Goldray to reach new heights.”

“Goldray Glass is entering its 37th year of operation and Michael has been very active in the company from an early age. I am so proud of how he continues to lead our people and all that we have accomplished,” says Cathie Saroka. “I am confident that under Michael’s leadership, the company will further grow and expand.”

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  1. Congratulations Michael and now your Mom is handing you the torch. Your father is so proud of you as well as the rest of the family. I think that he and Bernard are celebrating your success up there…

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