Calgary-based Goldray Industries has sold its Barrie, Ontario glass fabricating plant to BG Glass Technologies (BGGT). Goldray had opened the plant as a distribution center in 2013.

“Over the next couple of years [after opening], we added other capabilities such as tempering, fabrication, backpainting and heat soaking. The plant is now a fully functioning glass fabrication facility with state-of-the-art equipment. The quality of tempered glass that is produced in the Barrie facility is second to none in the area,” says Goldray Industries CEO and president Cathie Saroka.

She says that the location was a challenge for Goldray from the beginning.

“We decided to sell the factory in Barrie because the products that we were able to produce there did not fit with our core business. Also, managing this location remotely was a challenge right from the beginning. It was frustrating to all of us that we couldn’t seem to take care of our customers the way that we are known for in our Calgary operation.  In the summer of 2017, it became clear to us that selling this location to someone that could be more successful would be the best option and also allow us to focus more on our core business and customers across North America.”

According to Saroka, the Barber family, which has run BGGT for more than 135 years, will be a great fit for the location due to their deep roots in the glass industry and understanding of the Ontario market.

“With John Barber’s extensive experience in glass fabrication and strong relationships with Ontario customers, architects and designers, it seemed like a winning solution for us both that he takes over the factory and set up a business that can better take care of our customers and employees,” she says.

When Goldray operated the plant, it sold mainly to customers in the greater Toronto area. BGGT has plans to expand into other facets of the industry and likely other geographies as well, according to the company.

“Goldray’s core business is decorative glass and our plan is to continue to innovate in this industry. Our goal has always been to ensure that all of our partners are successful and that philosophy is the driving factor behind the new products, systems and processes that we are developing,” says Saroka. “We believe that it is our responsibility to not only ensure our company is successful, but also that we are doing our part to propel the industry forward.”

John Barber, president of BGGT said in a statement about the sale, “We are extremely excited to have acquired this prime glass fabrication facility and its strong customer base. With our experience in glass fabrication and our strong relationships with architects, designers, and the OEM market, we see many expansion opportunities for this new venture. This acquisition provides vertical integration to The Barber Group of Companies’ existing operations. We will utilize our partnerships with global suppliers to identify new technologies and provide unique quality products to support our customer’s architectural designs.”