Glass Performance Days (GPD) announced the second edition of its Theme Park Series will take place April 25-29, focusing on glass and sustainability. The series, which began in March, offers online activities covering the work of speakers who submitted material for publication in the GPD Finland 2021 proceedings book.

Speaker material will be available Monday, April 25, and the after-work huddle will be on April 28 at 11 a.m. EST.

The speakers and topics for this month’s edition are:

  • Carbon Neutral Silicones for Facades, Valerie Hayez, DOW;
  • Reversing the Supply Chain: Recovery of IGU components, Graham Dodd, Arup; and
  • Bird-Friendly Science and Research: Myths and Realities, Jim Gulnick, McGrory Glass Inc.

Current and future editions can be viewed here. More information is also available at