The final program for Glass Performance Days (GPD) 2019, which takes place June 25-28, 2019 in Tampere, Finland, is now available. The final program includes a record total of 242 presentations for workshops and the conference.

This year’s conference will be held at Tampere Exhibition and Sports Center. The venue enables organizers to stage the GPD Conference in one open, 54,000-square-foot (5,000-square-meter) space.

The open nature of the venue makes moving between sessions and presentations easy and efficient, according to the organizers. The same is true for networking. Attendees can easily meet the experts in the industry, according to the organizers. In addition, all coffees and lunches will be served in the expo area.

Everything’s Smart

The main theme of GPD 2019 revolves around concepts of the future. GPD will look into themes around smart glazing, smart factories, smart buildings and even smart cities. The conference and workshop technical sessions will address the challenges the industry faces today regarding the ever-changing demands from architectural development, façade engineering, new technologies and the latest research and development.

A special focus will be on how new glass technologies, such as smart, thin and ultra-thin glass, respond to these demands. New viewpoints on smart glass will be introduced, such as smart glazing to keep energy balanced or transparent solar panels to generate energy.

Tapping into Young, Entrepreneurial Energy

“With such a future in mind, new skillsets and innovative thinking is required. We need young, passionate and entrepreneurial individuals to keep the industry versatile and able to react to the changes the future will bring. Universities are hubs of such young, enthusiastic and brilliant talents with the passion to discover new ways and think outside the box,” says Jorma Vitkala, chairperson of the GPD organizing committee.

These enthusiastic people are needed in the industry to develop it and generate new innovations, for example, when it comes to the internal features of glass, according to GPD organizers. Universities are also crucial in research and development, especially in product development. Companies will benefit from the cooperation of research and development activities with universities, largely because of the energetic, young students who have a willingness to expand their talents, according to the organizers.

“To develop the glass industry, cooperation between universities must be increased. These young talents could be the next new talents on your team. Therefore, it would be a shame if we didn’t feed this passion further,” says Vitkala. “The future will be built with cooperation. Combining knowledge and expertise, the industry will develop faster.”

This year will also feature the farewell party and the retirement celebration of Vitkala, GPD founder and head organizer.

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