Glass Performance Days (GPD), to be held June 28-30, will introduce its Step Change program. Involving tech-savvy startup companies worldwide, the program is an initiative to “propel the development of the industry and make a step change for the future of glass processing,” according to a release from GPD.

“Our aim is to find the best and the brightest startups from different sectors to relaunch the glass industry in a new mindset of innovation,” says Victor Jason, event coordinator at Glaston. “The mix of ideas and technologies that will be brought together this year is impressive. We have companies ranging from nanocoatings to [the internet of things], from signal boosting to smart glass – and on to photovoltaics and cloud services.”

Jason says approximately 20 startups have applied so far, adding that GPD is still looking for startups, researchers and innovators “who might not necessarily be directly related to the glass industry but have something to bring into our supply chain.”

For more information on GPD and the Step Change program, click here.