The fourth Glass Performance Days (GPD) Turkey, held in conjunction with Eurasia Window, Glass and Door Exhibition, recently took place in Istanbul. The event drew more than 200 participants.

One of the themes at the conference was the new Istanbul Airport, which will be the largest airport in Europe. Sisecam was the main glass supplier. In their presentation, Sisecam introduced the different stages of the project and the arrangements it demanded. During the event, the company also recognized all of the partner companies that processed and installed all of the glass elements needed in the project.

The first day of the two-day conference included discussion of different glass applications. The practical aspects of quality, processing and glass installation were presented on the second day. The keynote speaker of the second day was professor Ian Richie, a specialist in architecture and design. Gennady Vasilchenko-Malishev from Malishev Engineers presented on the variations of structural design of glass in different projects..

Science put into practice

A new GPD feature, Step Change – Innovations Corner, provided start-ups, universities, research institutes and established companies a chance to give short presentations and showcase their latest innovations. The aim of the event was to accelerate the development of the glass industry by helping the new technologies and innovations to enter the market, thereby improving the competitiveness of glass products in relation to other materials.