Graham Architectural Products has added Bob Smith, production supervisor, and Terri Ream, accounts receivable coordinator, to its staff.

Smith is responsible for the assembly line at the company’s new facility in York, Pa., and will work toward improving plant safety, quality, and productivity.

Previously, he worked as production supervisor at Morgan Corporation and as production supervisor at Viwinco Windows.

Smith earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the State University of New York.

Ream began her career in the window business at Riverview Architectural Products Inc., where she held various positions. When Riverview was purchased by Graham Architectural Products, she joined Graham in payroll and accounts payable. She then retained the payroll function while transitioning into supporting the accounts receivable and invoicing functions.

In her new role, Ream will retain the accounts receivable portion but will also add on the duties of backlog reporting and backup payroll.