The team of Envelon in March of 2022.
Source: Grenzebach Envelon GmbH

Grenzebach Group, headquartered in Hamlar, Germany, announced the start of its newest venture, Grenzebach Envelon GmbH. This move allowed the company to enter a new business segment for photovoltaic building envelopes.

Grenzebach Envelon GmbH, founded in October 2021, is a system supplier for photovoltaic facades and building envelopes. As part of the Grenzebach Group, the ENVELON brand marries years of solar and facade experience with Grenzebach’s engineering skills and expertise in the glass industry, according to a press release. Through ENVELON, the group expands its portfolio in the field of sustainable next-generation technologies.

“Here at Grenzebach, we’ve been working on sustainable solutions and cutting-edge technologies for years. We view this and our collaboration with ENVELON as a major step towards greater sustainability, which will be important not only for people today, but also for future generations,” says Steven Althaus, CEO.