Grenzebach Group, headquartered Hamlar, Germany, reported 2021 as one of its most successful business years in its history. Steven Althaus, CEO of the Grenzebach Group, announced the volume of order intakes was double that of the previous year, and exceeded the company goal by 30%.

Dr. Steven Althaus

“This means that Grenzebach has not only emerged stronger from the pandemic but is also optimistic about the future,” says Althaus. “The success of this last business year demonstrates that we are on the right track with our strategic approach of using sustainable technology in all business units.”

According to the announcement, Grenzebach benefited from the huge demand for glass production technologies and solutions for photovoltaic plants in Asia. Additionally, the company comprehensively revised its drawing glass portfolio and added a production line to its range of products.

“As a globally operating company, we are confronted with various challenges every day and always have to develop further. However, as a family company, we always live and stand up for our values and observe the war in Ukraine and thus in Europe with the greatest concern.,” Althaus says.

In 2021, Grenzebach invested more than $15.4 million* in the research and development of new products and digitalization solutions and existing future projects.

*indicates financial information converted from Euros to U.S. Dollars on March 3, 2022.