The Deloitte Tower in Montreal uses more than a quarter million square feet of Guardian SunGuard AG 50 and SuperNeutral 68 coated glass. Photo by Stephan Poulin.

Guardian is in the process of adding a jumbo coater to its Carleton, Mich., glass manufacturing complex.

“One need only look at the Guardian Glass jumbo coaters around the world to illustrate our experience in jumbo coated glass manufacturing,” says Kevin Baird, president and CEO of Guardian Glass. “We’re on-schedule to launch Guardian’s 12th global jumbo coater in 2018.”

“While the trend of architects designing projects with larger glass sizes continues to grow, we also see architects designing monumental projects with very large volumes of coated glass,” adds Rick Zoulek, vice president – Americas, Guardian Glass. “By adding the Carleton jumbo coater for our North American customers, we simplify the supply chain while offering our customers 20 years of experience in jumbo coated glass capability.”

The new Michigan-based jumbo coater will apply the company’s Guardian SunGuard® portfolio of coatings on jumbo glass sizes.