Photo: Tom Arban Photography Inc.

Standing at the heart of Toronto’s Financial Core, the EY Tower harmonizes new and old. Architects Kohn Pederson Fox Associates and WZMH Architects aimed to meet ambitious sustainability goals and manage a sensitive historic reconstruction all in one project.

Today, the LEED Platinum Certified glass tower integrates an Art Deco icon, complementing neighboring structures while signaling the future of an Ontario business hub. Guardian SunGuard low-E coated glass helped make it possible.

Anticipating the effects of harsh Toronto winters on the building, the architects selected Guardian SunGuard SuperNeutral 68 and AG 50 low-E coated glass to clad the tower. SN 68 offers a  combination of high light and low heat transmittance—all with a neutral look. Meanwhile, AG 50 provides a hint of reflectivity to enhance the beauty of the new tower. The combined benefits of the Guardian SunGuard solutions enable breathtaking views of the city, plentiful natural light and optimal comfort for occupants in the EY Tower.