The family of Donn Harter, former president and technical director of the California Glass Association/America’s Glass Association (CGA/AGA), recently launched an online fundraiser for Donn Harter’s son, Todd Harter, who recently was diagnosed with Stage 3C colon cancer.

Todd Harter, a restaurateur from Austin, Texas, will not be able to work for at least nine months due to this diagnosis, with no disability insurance, according to the online donation site. His out-of-pocket medical expense is $12,000 per year and he spent seven days in the hospital without health insurance.

“We have learned so much (too much) about this cancer and the cost of treatment,” writes Denise Werner, Donn Harter’s daughter and Todd’s sister. “Todd is trying to do the right thing and pay his medical bills without filing for medical bankruptcy. We’ve learned that 75 percent of the bankruptcies in the U.S. are due to medical bills and 75 percent of the people who filed those bankruptcies HAVE medical insurance. Todd and [his wife] Summer have so much integrity and I’m so proud of their decision not to file bankruptcy if they can manage the debt. I hope the community of their family, friends, acquaintances and all of their contacts will also admire their resolve to pay his bills and will help him rebuild his life.”

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