Hartung’s Glaston FC500 furnace with iLooK.

Hartung Glass Industries opened a new plant dedicated to commercial insulating glass fabrication.

The Tukwila, Wash., facility, which opened in mid-February, includes inline inventory, cutting, tempering, insulating, crating and shipping capabilities specifically designed for large and oversized insulating glass units.

Hartung’s new Glaston FC500 oversize furnace tempers glass 5- to 19-mm thick and up to 110 by 189 inches in width and height. It also features “intelligent quenching” that minimizes roller wave and distortion, and includes Glaston’s iLooK Online Measuring System where all lites are measured and stored in a data library for quality control and traceability.

Hartung’s automated Forel commercial IG line.

Adjacent to the furnace is a Forel commercial IG line, capable of producing units up to 110 by 189 inches. In addition to traditional aluminum spacer capabilities, the line is equipped for the TriSeal warm-edge structural silicone spacer.

“Precision robotics allows the spacer to be applied with extreme accuracy in both short and long spans,” says Tim Kroha, vice president and general manager of Hartung’s Washington State operations. “Less hands touching the most critical steps reduces touch points and opportunities for failure or defects.”