Hartung Glass Industries and the Glass Association of North America (GANA) have announced that Hartung Glass Industries is sponsoring a private tour of the Museum of Glass during the GANA NW Roundtable event in Tacoma, Wash. on October 15.

The GANA NW Roundtable is designed for senior executives of the glass and glazing industry who want to spend one-on-one time with their peers to learn and discuss matters facing their industry. The roundtable is a combination of educational sessions along with open session discussions that allow attendees to learn from each other. This is the first time a roundtable is being held in the Pacific Northwest, imitating the NE Roundtables that GANA has held in the past.

Program highlights of the GANA NW Roundtable, which is also sponsored by ICD Coatings, include code updates from the city of Seattle, a GANA update, a GANA technical and advocacy update, Museum of Glass history and exhibitions, insurance/ indemnity, offshore curtainwall, social media, triple insulating glass units and the private tour of the Museum of Glass.

Speakers during the roundtable will include Kris Vockler from ICD High Performance Coatings, Stanley Yee of Dow Corning, Ashley Charest from GANA, Duane Jonlin from the City of Seattle, Urmilla Sowell from GANA and Hartung’s Garth Tait.

To learn more about the GANA NW Roundtable, please go to www.icdcoatings.com/2013/08/icd-sponsors-gana-nw-roundtable-registration-open/