The Hegla Group, based in Beverungen, Germany, has expanded and restructured its leadership team.

On December 1, Ingolf Ripberger joined current executive board members Jochen Hesselbach, Bernhard Hötger and Heinrich Ostendarp, taking on oversight responsibility for the production, technology, supply chain and human resources departments. “We are delighted to have acquired Mr. Ripberger, a professional who is recognized industry-wide and familiar with glass as a material and its processing,” said Hötger. “He also has personal experience with the applications and solutions of the Hegla Group.” Previously, Ripberger worked in a technical and commercial management role for the Saint-Gobain Group in Germany and internationally for over 25 years. He has a degree in electrical engineering and also completed a degree in business administration at RWTH Aachen.

Hötger, who has held various positions at Hegla since 1984, became CEO of the Hegla Group on December 1. He will continue to be responsible for sales and marketing, and supervise the operation of the international subsidiaries and sales agencies, according to the company.

Ostendarp will focus on strategic and operational product development, as well as the integration and further development of the subsidiaries and the product areas of tempering furnaces for safety glass (Hegla-TaiFin), laser applications (Hegla boraident) and software and automation (Hegla-HANIC).

Hesselbach will remain a member of the executive board, but will focus on his role as CEO of the 100% parent LEWAG Holding AG.

Additionally, two further senior members of staff have been appointed as authorized signatories. Josef Kusserow, head of production, and Georg Dressler, head of strategic purchasing, are now authorized to represent the Hegla site in Beverungen..