The German HEGLA Group announced that it has signed a sales agreement with the current stockholders of TAIFIN Glass Machinery Oy regarding the majority of the company’s share capital. HEGLA will take over 51% of TAIFIN’s stock and the company will conduct its future business under the name HEGLA-TAIFIN Oy.

“We are pleased to have found a young, dynamic, and innovative partner company in TAIFIN, who have already established themselves as leaders in the automotive and architectural glass tempering furnace segment with their high-quality safety glass furnaces and unique press-bending technology,” said Jochen H. Hesselbach, CEO of the HEGLA Group.

Effective immediately, TAIFIN will use the international sales and service infrastructure of HEGLA Group to provide customers with perfect service in sales, consulting, maintenance and long-term spare parts supply.

Bernhard Hötger, COO of the HEGLA Group, says he is looking forward to his partnership with the new team at TAIFIN and reported that many of HEGLA’s customers have asked the company to provide integrated solutions and optimized logistics for smart glass placement on furnace racks as part of their projects.

The founders and owners of TAIFIN Oy, Esa Lammi, Jukka Sääksi, and Jarno Nieminen, will continue to actively manage and further develop HEGLA-TAIFIN as managing directors and shareholders.

“Up until now, we have been perceived as a manufacturer of extremely high-quality safety glass furnaces with cutting-edge technology, primarily for the automotive sector. Through our partnership with the HEGLA Group, we will now be able to offer our expertise directly to architectural glass customers,” said Jarno Nieminen, sales director at TAIFIN.