Under the Salem Fabrication Technologies Group restructure, HHH Equipment Resources (formerly HHH Tempering Resources), has expanded its fabrication equipment line-up as well as the size of its technical team.

To better respond to glass fabricator needs and broaden equipment offerings beyond tempering furnaces, HHH Equipment Resources now offers CNC work centers; sandblasting equipment; glass waterjet cutters and drilling machines; edging, polishing and beveling equipment; industrial water filtration systems; and robotic integration solutions.

HHH Equipment Resources has acquired the majority of the glass fabrication equipment previously offered by Salem Flat Glass & Mirror, now Salem Fabrication Supplies, including machinery from fabricators such as Denver, Chemwest, Zafferani, Fratelli Pezza, HOAF and more.

In addition, to support the growing line of tempering furnaces and fabrication equipment, the HHH technical team now has 23 highly trained technicians who will offer U.S.-based service and support to fabricators in the U.S. and Canada.. The additional technicians have extensive experience and training from the Salem technical team.

HHH Equipment Resources has also updated its website URL and email address to reflect company changes. Fabricators can find the new fabrication equipment and more at www.hhhglassequipment.com, or email the team at info@hhhglassequipment.com.