Horizon Glass has become the first Colorado glazing contractor to earn the North American Contractor Certification (NACC). The Denver-based company is the 61st overall glazier to achieve the certification.

Horizon Glass has become the first Colorado glazing contractor to earn the North American Contractor Certification. Left to right: quality manager Dave Bozeman, president Louis Sigman, general superintendent Fran Bueno and safety director Rick Taylor.

NACC is an ANSI-accredited third-party certification that recognizes architectural glass and metal subcontractors who adhere to best practices for glazing quality, construction safety and business operations.

“NACC made us completely redefine what quality means and gave us a whole new discipline for accountability,” explains Louis Sigman, president of Horizon. “For any company considering NACC, you must share the journey and the finish line with everyone in your organization, so it means something to everybody.”

NACC officials state that Sigman, along with Horizon’s glass general superintendent Frank Bueno and safety director Rick Taylor, spent nine months undergoing assessments and completing standard written procedures. Companies must be reevaluated annually to maintain certification.

“By becoming the first to earn NACC in Colorado, Horizon has shown the program’s value to other glazing contractors in the state,” says Jeff Dalaba, NACC’s program administrator. “NACC gives peace of mind to building owners, architects, construction managers and insurers. Hiring a credentialed glazing subcontractor reduces stakeholder risk by providing verified evidence of adherence to the highest standards and best practices for quality and safety.”

The NACC program has certified 61 glazing subcontractors in 22 states and Canada since it began in 2015. More than 70 additional companies are working toward certification as of 2023. Depending on the scope of operations, glazing contractors can become NACC accredited in any combination of eight categories. Horizon earned NACC in all eight categories: interior and exterior entry systems, interior glazing, building envelope low-rise, building envelope high-rise, horizontal glazing, active glass and service work.

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