Cerviglas, a Spanish glass company, has purchased a new EVA LAMP-PRO “jumbo” laminating oven from Pujol. The oven has a 1,200-millimeter high bending chamber that allows laminated glass up to 6.5 x 3.21 and curved glasses with an arrow up to about 4 feet.

General Manager Mr. Vicente Cervera (left) Sales Director of Pujol Mr.Joaquin Pujol (right)

“This new acquisition allows us to make a qualitative leap in our company. We have opted for the most advanced technology that we can find on the market today, Hornos Pujol, to be able to offer curved glass firings with high added value,” says Vicente Cervera, general manager of Cerviglas.

“Working with companies of the stature of Cerviglas is always an honor. This association incorporates a third variable: the choice of Evalam, manufacturer and international reference of EVA for architectural use,” says Joaquín Pujol, commercial director of Hornos Pujol.