Spanish companies Hornos Industriales Pujol and Tvitec have signed a commercial collaboration agreement to launch high quality curved glass solutions. Pujol will design an EVA and HST laminate oven measuring 39.4 by 10.5 feet (12 by 3.21 meters) for Tvitec. The HST LAM Multichamber Super Jumbo model is capable of operating at the same time with two 20-foot (6-meter) chambers. Pujol will fully allocate its cutting-edge technology and its R+D+i programs for the production of this double line for curved glass.

The purchase agreement is the culmination of a technological development process and a close collaboration between both engineering departments of Pujol and Tvitec seeking to meet the most demanding standards on the market.

Tvitec general director Javier Prado Ovall, and Pujol commercial director Joaquín Pujol held a ceremony at Tvitec’s facilities.

“This new incorporation in the production structure ensures a great qualitative leap and clearly manifests the commitment of Tvitec to offer the best product solutions of curved technical glass with high added value in the market, with the most advanced and reliable technology of laminated glass, provided by Pujol,” says Pujol. “The association itself between both companies is without any doubt a winning milestone.”

The new oven will allow the processing of curved laminated glass up to 39.4 feet (12 meters) in length, designed for the use or application of EVA and a stronger butyral to guarantee safe laminate conditions in the most aggressive environments, according to the release, adding that this will allow the company to meet customers’ requirements, paying particular attention to the type of medium in which each product is developed, according to the company.

The new laminate oven it is part of the $22.4 million (EUR 20 million) investment that Tvitec has made to improve its glass processing.