You are more than welcome to book a specialty suite for free at the Paradisio Art Hotel in Spain; however, the reservation comes with a caveat: privacy is minimal. Named the Zero Suite, the room is closed off by glass walls and centrally located in the hotel’s lobby.

Photo courtesy of the Paradisio Art Hotel.

“It’s a room located on the ground floor of Paradiso Ibiza Art Hotel, close to the main entrance and its walls are entirely made of glass,” a hotel representative said. “It’s a completely furnished room, with a bed, a table, chairs and a bathroom with a toilet and shower (this area of the room has privacy). Also available for artistic performances, radio broadcasts, DJ sets, among others. The possibilities are endless as long as you like being the center of attention.”

The Zero Suite was created in 2018, which is the same time that the Paradiso Ibiza Art Hotel was built. There are several rules that must be followed to stay in the room:

  • You’ll have to sign a release form with the right to use your image, as you could be filmed and/or photographed in the room.
  • You can only stay one night. The check-in and check-out hours are similar to any other room.
  •  A maximum of two people is allowed to sleep in the room.
  • You won’t be able to repeat your stay in the same calendar year.

According to the hotel, demand is high for access to the room.

“This year we’ve had to turn people down due to the high demand,” a hotel representative said. “We’ve also had brands like Levi’s create installations and pop-ups in the room throughout the summer.”

Paradiso Ibiza Art Hotel, which is a media-friendly hotel, also features an art gallery curated by Adda Gallery Paris, exhibitions in the lobby, a tattoo studio and more.