Facebook recently announced that it’s changing the algorithm for its newsfeed to prioritize posts from friends over those from business or news pages, such as USGlass magazine.

If you’d like to continue to see content from USGlass in your Facebook newsfeed, follow these instructions:

First, click here to go to USGlass’s Facebook page. If you haven’t liked it already, click the “Like” button, which has a thumbs-up symbol next to it.

If you’re viewing the page on a mobile device, click on “Following.” Three options will appear. If you’d like to see every post from USGlass, click “See First.” If you’d prefer to see what the Facebook algorithm serves you, click “Default,” and Facebook will show you posts based on how often you visit USGlass.

If you’re viewing us on your desktop, the “See First” and “Default” options appear when you click on the small arrow next to the “Like” button.