The International Code Council (ICC) continues its final action hearings in Memphis, and two proposals related to fire safety were approved as submitted. The first FS 99-15 716.6.5 revises the 2015 International Building Code (IBC) as follows: (716.6.5) “Installation. Fire-protection-rated glazing shall be in the fixed position or be automatic-closing and shall be installed in approved labeled frames.”

“This proposal reflects common installation practice and is consistent with NFPA 80, Section 17.1.3 which requires these frames to be labeled,” according to the proposal.

The second, FS 101-15 716 deletes Section 716 of the IBC in its entirety and replaces as follows: “716.1 General Opening protectives required by other sections of this code shall comply with the provisions of this section. 716.1.1 Alternative methods for determining fire protection ratings … Glazing used in fire door assemblies and fire window assemblies shall comply with this section in addition to the requirements of Sections 716.2 and 716.3, respectively. 716.1.2.1 Safety glazing: Fire-protection-rated glazing and fire-resistance-rated glazing installed in fire door assemblies and fire window assemblies shall comply with the safety glazing requirements of Chapter 24 where applicable.”

The proposal also addresses the marking of fire-related glazing assemblies in section 716.1.2.2 “Fire-rated glazing assemblies shall be marked in accordance with Tables 716.1.A, 716.1.B and 716.1.C. 716. For fire-rated glazing, the label shall bear the identification required in Tables 716.1.A and 716.1.B. “D” indicates that the glazing is permitted to be used in fire door assemblies and that the glazing meets the fire protection requirements of NFPA 252.”