The International Code Council (ICC) is revising its code development process to provide increased time to foster in-depth vetting of code change proposals. The changes will take effect in 2024-26 to develop the 2027 International Codes (I-Codes). It will move the development process to an “integrated and continuous three-year cycle,” say ICC officials.

Officials explain that year one will include two Committee Action Hearings for Group A Codes, year two will include two Committee Action Hearings for Group B Codes and year three will be the joint Public Comment Hearings and Online Governmental Consensus Vote for both Group A and B Codes.

Adding the second Committee Actions Hearings in year one and two will foster a more in-depth vetting of code change proposals, allowing the committee members to review and evaluate the original proposals and consider the submitted responses. This also allows proponents to build consensus for their code change proposal and ensure the best version of their intended improvement to the existing codes.

“As stewards of the code development process, we are always looking for ways to improve,” says CEO Dominic Sims. “These changes have been carefully considered by the Code Council for years and supported by the Board Committee on the Long-Term Code Development Process and the Industry Advisory Committee. As members of the architecture, engineering, construction and operations community, we can continue the legacy of those who have come before us in ensuring our communities have safe, sustainable and affordable buildings.”

As part of the new process, volunteers on code development committees will now preside over the two Committee Action Hearings, one in the spring and one in the fall.