DJ Widmer

DJ Widmer has joined ICD High Performance Coatings as its global sales director.

CEO Kris Vockler says, “ICD is focused on growing in glass coatings as well as coatings for solar and automotive industries. Our reason for existing is creating as-green-as-possible silicone chemistry and coatings, and additional green chemistries that contribute to larger systems, while providing significant impact for the betterment of the environment and climate change. We found a great team member in DJ who not only holds the same personal values but who will also thrive within our vibrant ICD culture.”

“I’m most excited to join a team valuing and focusing on innovation and sustainability. Breaking into new markets is fun for me, and ICD has current and future products with a ton of potential to be amazing solutions and to have great success in multiple industries,” adds Widmer. “The sky is the limit with the talent and expertise here. It’s truly a 30+ year start-up with an entrepreneurial approach that I believe I’ll thrive in.”

After graduating from the University of Portland, Widmer succeeded in executive business development roles at start-ups and at growth-stage companies in multiple industries ranging from medical devices and SaaS to sustainable products and services, according to the company.

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