If the glass and metal products you specify and design with could talk, what would you want them to say? That’s a question you’ve probably never before been asked, but one to think about. While glazing products can’t tell you about their U-values, thermal performance and aesthetic features, there are plenty of resources available to provide that information.

Plans for the March-April issue of the Architects’ Guide to Glass & Metal are in the works and this year we will be bringing you a Guide to New Products written specifically with the architect in mind. We want the guide to answer those questions you might have about glazing products; the ones that you’d ask the glass yourself if you could.

So my question for you is: what do you want to know? Take a minute and think about it and then send me an email (erogers@glass.com) with questions. They don’t need to be about a specific glass/metal product; just when these materials come to mind, what do you want to know? Sizes, colors, shapes, performance features … is this coating compatible with this product? Share your queries with me as that will help us work to meet your needs in not only our Guide to New Products, but future sections and editorial features as well.

In addition to your product questions, I have a question for you: what are some new glazing products you’ve used that have completely changed the way you design with glass/metal? Is there something out there today that’s made it possible for you to design and create in ways you never thought of before? We want to know that, too. Feel free to post your comments below or email me by February 13 to share your thoughts.


  1. i have used glass (25mm laminated glass) for staircase steps and find it gets abraised any suggestions on quality of glass to be used specially for staircases

    thanks &regards
    sharad pandey

  2. It is really interesting what you are sharing today, as the glass and metals are a major industry in construction, with these products the facade industry had dramatically changed in the last 60 years.
    It is a technology of itself.

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