The Insulating Glass Certification Council (IGCC), sponsor of the IGCC/Insulating Glass Manufacturers Alliance certification program, is testing a pilot program that would enable insulating glass manufacturers to provisionally certify their products in four weeks.

The existing full certification takes an average of 24 weeks. Provisional certification would allow the manufacturer to sell a certified product pending the outcome of full ASTM tests, according to a release from IGCC.

The Provisional Certification (PC) program was designed to assess the ability of a manufacturer to take an established type and arrangement of sealants and components and assemble them to a specified standard, according to IGCC. The program was evaluated by a correlation study last year. This study compared the program’s pass/fail data to identical units that were evaluated to IGCC’s existing certification results with surprising precision.

The program uses the test methods outlined in ASTM E-2190 for the stability of the gas fill and the unit’s durability when subjected to high humidity and accelerated weathering environments. Evaluation is made after a shorter exposure time, but with more stringent pass/fail criteria, along with additional quality assurance requirements developed by IGCC, according to the release.

PC is not applicable for designs and materials that have no successful track record with ASTM E-2190 tests.